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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Portal do? What’s so special about the Portal?

The Portal powers local companies with exceptional talent. Our rigorously vetted students go through an intensive training program to ensure the best quality and latest practices are used for our projects.


How do we know students will produce quality results?

Our senior team of industry experts in digital marketing rigorously train and directly supervise students on client projects. While our students do a bulk of the work, they are supported along every step of the project, ensuring industry-level strategy and implementation.


What services do you offer?

We primarily offer digital marketing and content marketing services, but we do still offer development services. Please fill out our form to request a quote for your project.


How can I support The Portal’s mission and values?

We appreciate all the support we can get to help our students get the best education and experience that can’t be learned in traditional educational settings. We have a donation drive that can give you more detail about how your money will be used.