Early Access Talent Program

power your business


The Portal's Early Access Talent Program opens The Portal's talent pool to our strategic business partners. Students that have completed requirements of the apprenticeship program are highly trained in both technical and soft skills, with the proven ability to be effective leaders.



Confidence in hire: You can confidently place any of The Portal's certified talent in your team. We only endorse those who are ready to take on the demands of a  real workplace.

Reduced risk: The Portal eliminates the risks in the vetting process, as our talent have proven their ability to produce high quality work and be exceptional team members.

Reduced downtime: Our talent are ready to take on any project, eliminating long training periods.

Trial available: Business partners have the option of contracting potential candidates to complete tasks and assess their skill before hiring them.

Access to exclusive events: Business partners will be featured at all events hosted by The Portal including: Face-to-Face with Investors, CEO Round-tables, speaking events, on-campus workshops, and UCI career fairs.

Company features online: Business partners have the opportunity to be featured on The Portal's website, blogs, and newsletters that go out to our network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Participation Requirements

15% placement fee per hire for hiring The Portal graduates.

Or $5k/year tax deductible donation and one Portal hire with the placement fee waived. Donation must be paid upon signup and carry forward for future candidates if not used.

Provide Tech Talks to The Portal students. These talks can be about your company, the technology they use, or other information that will help them with their career goals.

Provide on-site visits of your office or facilities to The Portal students.





Prepare for the job you want. The Early Access Talent Program is an opportunity designed to help students transition into the workplace. The program is designed to help students develop their soft skills, from leading and communicating with teams to learning how to interact with clients, we'll equip you with the skills you need to succeed in the work place.

Connect with companies. After successfully completing the EAT Program, you'll be a Portal-certified candidate. We can usher you into the growing Orange County business ecosystem. We'll connect you with growing local companies with exciting projects that are hiring new developers.

Participation Requirements

To participate in the Early Access Talent Program as a member of The Portal, you must fulfill certain requirements. Be sure to check in with a senior developer or CTO first if you're interested in signing up for the program.

  • Work 20 hours/week
  • Work as a Portal apprentice for a full academic year
  • Be prepared to take on a more leadership-focused role on current projects