Today we were happy to welcome Kerry Konrady, VP of Marketing at OluKai at our bi-weekly lunch and learn.

He came by to see what The Portal’s students have been learning, getting a feel for some of the projects that they’ve been working on, and the technologies that they’ve used to get the job done. He also shared some of his insight with us on the rising importance of technological knowledge and competencies in the workplace, especially in the field of consumer marketing.

Data Analytics in Marketing

Kerry described the way that he’s seen the retail industry get turned completely upside down as the wholesale business model is being rendered less important with the rise of ecommerce through mobile and online shopping.

Businesses don’t necessarily have to cater or form relationships with the middleman anymore. Instead, brands can have direct access to potential consumers through their online store, social media, and other targeted digital advertisements.

Brands and retailers don’t just have to tell compelling stories to their consumers anymore — they have to tap into omnichannels that will allow them to interact with them directly, as well as gather data about what sticks with their target audiences.

Data that companies can gather from their websites translates into valuable consumer insight. What’s going on when a customer looks at an item and then walks away, as opposed to when someone picks up an item and decides to check out with it? The marketing team needs all the information from data analytics that they can in order to create the right ads and to optimize the website for the audiences that they’re trying to target.

Kerry shared that the people a company hires and the DNA of their marketing teams is changing accordingly. They’re looking for more and more technically competent people that can implement the tools that they need to gather and interpret the data so that they have the analytics they need to make informed marketing campaign decisions.

As technology continues to advance, so too does the need for companies to have a better understanding of the platforms and data analytics in their marketing teams to keep up with the their target audiences.

The Portal is looking forward to continuing to nurture technical talent to fill these roles and helping businesses find the talent that they need!