Frequently Asked Questions


How can I start a scope of work with you?

  • Send us a¬†project request and one of our team members should contact you within 1-2 business days.
  • One of our sales representatives will have a brief call with you discuss the basics of your project. Then we'll connect you with our CTO to scope out technical details and requirements.
  • We'll provide the necessary NDAs and contracts. You'll also receive a clear guide on how implementation, communication, and testing will happen so you get an exceptional project.

Our senior team of industry experts in development rigorously train and directly supervise students on client projects. While our students do a bulk of the work, they are supported along every step of the project, ensuring CTO and CFO-level strategy expertise and implementation.

All of our development and content work is done in our local Irvine office.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, Angular JS, Express.js, Node.js, SQL, Cordova for Android and iOS, Meteor, Ionic, Drupal

Our team will take your idea from start to finish, including bug fixes and troubleshooting. We prefer to build long-term relationships with our clients, so once we start, we hope to continue working on your project or product over time.

Yes! The Portal brings the technical teams to you, so you don’t have to struggle through the search of finding technical talent.

What is The Portal?

The Portal powers local companies with exceptional talent. We provide local product
development and design, as well as content marketing from junior to senior levels.