K5 & The Portal Launch Program

In collaboration with  K5 Ventures, The Portal's Startup Launch Program is a comprehensive package exclusively offered to the Portal and K5 clients to help ensure their success.

Like your own personal strategist, not only will you have access to The Portal's development services and benefits, you will also have the chance to meet K5 Ventures partners for an exclusive mentorship opportunity.

Execute plans to ensure your success

On-Demand Business Counsel

Why Us?

In collaboration with K5 Ventures, The Portal has a new service to improve your business strategy so you can bring your product or service into the real world. You have the opportunity to spend an hour with Ray Chan, a prominent investor, Managing Director of K5 Ventures, Tech Coast Angels' board member, and Investment Manager of ACE Fund.

You'll get highly personalized, one-on-one time with a real-world, been-there-done-that investor to discuss any part of your business — including funding, pitching, planning, business models, marketing strategy, etc.

K5 and The Portal has expert guidance that will make your company viable and visible.

The Startup Check-up

Just like you need an annual checkup with your doctor, your business needs a seasoned practitioner to check your “vitals” and ensure you’re doing the right things to keep your startup healthy.

Ray will spend an hour with you to discuss your business plan, go over your pitch, or provide insights about another aspect of your startup (such as due diligence preparation, funding strategy, networking, mentorship, and just about anything your startup is interested in).

You'll receive specific and customized feedback regarding your projects and suggested next steps. These hour-long checkups are designed to help new startups verify what they're doing and to give a unique map to success. The result is that you’ll walk away with a customized list of actionable items to bring your startup to the next level.

In order to get started, all we request is that you make a donation to The Portal, a non-profit providing a local resource for Orange County businesses and startups. And in return, you’ll have a startup check-up that helps ensure the ongoing health of your business.

Ongoing Startup Development

For those interested in more hands-on sessions with Ray and K5’s team of practitioners (legal, financial, marketing/PR, etc.), we also provide multiple sessions to cover the following aspects of a startup:

  1. Value proposition
  2. Market and competitive analyses
  3. Go-to-market analysis and strategy
  4. How to define and measure your product/market fit
  5. Fundability analysis and strategy
  6. Funding preparation
  7. Your startup story
  8. Presenting your startup