We are The Portal to the real world. We provide you with experience in your field by letting you work on live projects for our clients. You’ll work on a team led and mentored by an industry professional to work collaboratively with your peers, communicate effectively with customers, and complete projects that you can include on your resume.

Development Apprenticeship Program

How can I apply for the development apprenticeship program?

Applications for The Portal development program are open year-round! Head to our submission form.

After we receive your application, we'll reach out to you. Be prepared for a technical assessment with coding tasks.

If you pass the interview, you'll be accepted into our training cohort.

Any student currently enrolled in college can apply, but we recommend that students:

  • Have 3rd year standing, or;
  • Have completed a two-year community college program or;
  • Have otherwise taken courses that would provide a strong background in computer science
  • Have proven leadership and collaboration skills

Anywhere between 10-20 hours per week.

Once we’ve built a suitable cohort of applicants, we schedule training as a group, usually toward the beginning or end of a quarter. We do our best to build the training around everyone’s schedules. Training usually ranges from 8 – 10 hours a week in our Irvine office, though you should expect to work on assignments outside of training times.

Unfortunately, our training sessions are only open to students that are being considered for joining our development team. We do occasionally hold info sessions and one-day lessons, so keep an eye on this site and be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

Business Operations Apprenticeship Program

How do I apply for the business operations apprenticeship program?

Applications for The Portal's operations and general management program are open year-round! Fill out the application and once the team reviews it, we'll reach out to you.

We prefer to have students that can work between 12 – 20 hours a week.

Students in business operations and general management will be trained on the job. You’ll be helping in areas such as event planning, student and corporate outreach, and other tasks related to maintaining the office.

Our Impact


"The Portal for me has been quite literally a "portal" - a portal into coding for the real world with the many projects we receive, into learning from entrepreneurs and startups though daily interaction with them or via the regular founder talks that are hosted here."

James Hardjadinata

UC Irvine Alum / Former Portal Developer
"School barely teaches you how to work with other people, all the work is done individually. Having real experience in a team with actual deadlines for real people is not something you can study, it is something you must actually experience to grow and learn from."

Adam Peter

UC Irvine Alum / Former Portal Developer
"The environment here is built for productivity and learning, whether its technical skills, soft skills needed to talk to clients, or even the entrepreneurial outlook needed to build a startup. Thank you to all the mentors, peers, and Ray for providing this platform and for your guidance and beaming support!"

Manisha Priyadarshini

UC Irvine Alum / Former Portal Developer
"The Portal feels like family, a close-knit community and nurturing environment. The mentors' guidance and support has allowed us to grow in leaps and bounds, equipping programmers like me with both technical and interpersonal social skills."

Michelle Wong

UC Irvine Student / Former Portal Developer
“Ever since working at the Portal, I have learned so much not only about web-development, but also about how a real world working environment operates. I believe that I would have never gotten this kind of experience in a classroom.”

Jim To

UC Irvine Alum / Former Portal Developer
“Here, at the Portal, we are challenged to improve every day with what real life brings us. Whether it is a new client, a change in project scope, or an issue with the development process, we are encouraged to think creatively, and utilize not only our own resources, but from the senior engineers nearby, and the knowledge of the other students.”

Jason Chiu

UC Irvine Alum / Former Portal Project Manager
"Many of the technologies we learned and implemented probably would’ve taken me months to cover on my own. It almost felt like a code bootcamp. I am so glad I had the opportunity."

Spring 2017 Development Trainee

UC Irvine Student / Portal Developer

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