Two Portal employees smiling and laughing with each other

Last week, we shared with you our interview with Miles Bonner, a Portal alumnus. He expressed that his time at The Portal helped him cultivate communication skills, in addition to providing him real-world technical experience.

This week, we want to show you that Miles does not stand alone in his assessment of The Portal. Our student apprentices highly value the experiences and skills they gain when they learn with us. After surveying almost 30 of our students, here are the top 5 reasons students love their experiences at The Portal:

1) Sharpening their skills through real-world experience

When students learn at The Portal, they gain experience on live projects for real clients. We want to fill the skills gap. When students graduate from college, they start applying to jobs so that they can gain experience. But when they go to apply to jobs they discover that they need experience just to apply! How’s a student supposed to get ahead?

The Portal solves this problem by mentoring students as they are trained on live projects. Our students learn applicable technical skills, as well as soft skills like communication and teamwork. By the time students graduate from The Portal, they are prepared with experience to land the jobs they want.

2) Practicing teamwork

Just like technical capabilities, working on a team is a skill we aim to cultivate in our students. In classes, students are asked to work on group projects. But have you ever been in the situation where you end up doing all the work, and someone else gets the same credit you do?

When students are involved in real projects at The Portal, everyone pulls their own weight. As students work together, they learn to ask for help when they need it, and how to help their peers in turn.

3) Talking with clients

When our students talk with clients, they learn that they are doing much more than coding. Every company we partner with is aiming to solve a problem with their product or service. Our developers come alongside our clients and help them execute those solutions.

4) Mentorship by our professional staff

Our professional staff is passionate about helping students and ensuring our clients receive quality products and services. We work hard to cultivate a learning environment where all of our developers are encouraged to ask questions.

We ask that our students to take initiative and have a desire to learn on their own. When they do, our professional staff is ready and excited to help.

5) Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit

The Portal is a small company and we partner primarily with other small companies. Because of this, students are constantly surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit that encourages them to try new things and solve new problems.

In their time at The Portal, students learn what it takes to start a business as they observe their clients. A desire to find solutions, no matter the context, is an attitude that follows our students long after they leave The Portal.

Now that you’ve learned what students appreciate about The Portal, are you ready to join our team? Great! We are currently accepting applications for our development apprenticeship program. We look forward to meeting you!

This article was originally published on our blog, September 6, 2017.